ConSense IMS - the integrated management system

ConSense IMS is an all-round carefree package in the field of integrated management systems. In addition to classic document and process management, the system can be expanded thanks to its modular concept and thus adapted to individual requirements.

Are the processes of your company or employer documented in Visio processes embedded in Word documents? Does this make maintenance time-consuming and the up-to-dateness and acceptance of the QM system correspondingly modest? Quality management is not lived, but only maintained to fulfill ISO 9001 standards? In this case:

ConSense is the solution

Personalized approach and overview

  • The ConSense software compiles all relevant information for each employee.
  • All employees automatically receive the current and valid version of the processes and documents that are important to them.
  • This ensures a uniform level of information
  • Each employee only receives the information they really need.
  • This automatic distribution of information is made possible by the roles and rights system stored in the system, which is embedded in a realistic representation of the organizational structure.

Process and document management

  • Thanks to its intuitive interface, the integrated process editor allows processes to be modeled quickly and easily, tailored to specific requirements without technical specifications.
  • A lot of additional information, such as responsibilities, participations, input and output, can be stored for entire processes as well as for individual process steps.
  • The processes, such as initial, subsequent, partial or sub-processes, can be linked with each other or with documents, so that the ConSense software leads to a dynamic process landscape that is always up-to-date and functional.
  • The ConSense software manages any type of document (e.g. Microsoft®Office or OpenOffice documents, PDFs, CAD drawings, images, etc.).
  • PDF versions of the documents can be created and output automatically.
  • In addition, an integrated word processor allows the creation of simple documents such as checklists, SOPs / work instructions, etc.
  • Headers and Footers can be filled with ConSense fields and update automatically when changes are made.
And many other functions and extensions.

View into the tool

Some screenshots illustrate the scope of the web-based solution

FORMS programming - my specialty

With the FORMS module extension, you open up almost limitless possibilities for expanding the system. Be it to automate a simple Word form or to map complex processes with multiple decisions in connection with data in other databases. This is possible with ConSense FORMS.

Simple workflows can be created without programming knowledge, if more complex workflows are required, a script based on Delphi must be created. Talk to me about this, also when it comes to transferring FORMS1 processes to FORMS2 - I will be happy to support you. I would be happy to train your employees in the creation of processes with FORMS - also possible as e-learning.

My services

I am happy to support you with all challenges in quality and process management in both local and global environments. Thanks to my many years of experience in an international environment, I am able to provide your company with the best possible support in setting up and developing your process management system. I am also happy to support you in training your employees - because a system like ConSense will only be fully accepted if the knowledge of how to use it is available.

If you are not yet familiar with ConSense, it will be a pleasure for me to present the ConSense system to you live on the system using my demo company - be curious! If you are already using ConSense, I can provide support, perform admin functions and develop FORMS workflows according to your needs. You can find my milestones and successes in my project overview.

Contact me to clarify the details and my options during an initial consultation.