Interim- & Project-Management

Three types of challenges can lead to an interim management and help your company to resolve the issues at hand quickly and sustainably:

  • Interim solution to temporarily and quickly fill a vacancy
  • A workload peak requires temporary resources
  • Know-how purchasing as a supplement to quickly process external or new topics so as not to leave the field to competitors
In today's fast-paced world and the shortage of skilled workers, gaps can very quickly arise. That can lead to an unstable situation even faster and thus damage business success in the short and medium term.

With my wide-ranging experience, I am quickly able to grasp the situation and incorporate it into an analysis with recommendations for actions and - if required - implement these immediately. It is essential for me to emphasize that my approach always follows the practical path. "Hands-on" is the keyword and immediately leads to better acceptance among employees and correspondingly quick successes.

Project delays due to the absence of your project leader/manager or due to a temporary lack of resources can very quickly be reflected in the P/L and, above all, upset stakeholders. In the worst case, it can lead to permanent damage.

Advantages of interim management

  • Filling management positions in a company usually takes a lot of time. Time is a valuable resource, especially when it comes to crises or short-term projects. Therefore, one of the most important advantages of interim management is that the manager can be deployed immediately.
  • Thanks to their many years of experience from previous positions, interim managers are very broadly positioned, which enables a company to acquire comprehensive knowledge. They have many advantages over internal project managers, as they act objectively in relation to established structures and are not involved in day-to-day tasks. That enable an external manager to have a critical view and thus discover new opportunities. The external perspective on internal issues gives you new insights, which can be very valuable.
  • Interim managers work without other objectives and can concentrate fully on their project. Results are visible just as quickly.
  • Many external managers have already solved problems that occurred in a company for the first time. This saves companies time and resources in finding solutions.

My Services

I am happy to support you in all challenges in quality management, plant and production management and in various areas of information technology, whether as CIO a.i. or as a trainer/consultant in the field of cybercrime. This as Executive, division manager, department manager or project manager in both local and global functions. The necessary willingness to travel is of course a given. You can find my milestones and successes in my project overview.

Please contact me to clarify the details and my options during an initial consultation.